Apple Shesha - 60ML
Apple Shesha - 60ML

Apple Shesha - 60ML

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Apple Shesha-1

Smoky shisha flavour with the distinct crunchy, sweet and sour taste of fresh green apple.

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Practical information:

E-juice mixing ratio: PG50 / VG50

What does mixing ratio mean:

When the mixing ratio is 50/50 PGVG it means that the liquid is an all-round liquid that can be used in all tanks.

A 60 ml bottle containing 40 ml of concentrated liquid in 0 mg nicotine. To this, add a 2x10 ml base-booster containing the desired nicotine strength and end up with 60 ml total liquid.


Nicotine Guide:

What nicotine strength do you use?

0 mg - For those who want the vape but not the nicotine.

1.5 mg - For those who are vaping but want a small nicotine hit 

3 mg - For the normal vaper.

4.5 mg - For the vaper who is cutting down.

6 mg - For the vaper who has just started and wants to Stop smoking cigarettes


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